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NEOnet Funding Opportunities to assist your business

November 8th, 2021

The Caisse Alliance Marketing Fund (CAMF) has your small business, organization, association or non-profit in mind, especially during the current stage of reopening. Take the time to sit down with a marketing consultant to examine past marketing efforts and see other marketing avenues, which will assist in attracting new or returning customers.

The Business Technology Improvement Fund (BTIF) is in place for your business to acquire and update technology to grow. This fund assists SMEs implement technology solutions such as software and hardware to improve business processes, be more efficient and increase productivity.
At this time new applicants will be placed on a waitlist until more funding becomes available

Broadband for Remote Areas (BIRA) is designed for SMEs in more rural areas of Northern Ontario to find a technology solutions provider to help them get connected to reliable internet. We understand that many businesses face a challenge for implementing technology solutions without a minimum standard of reliable internet. This fund can assist businesses market better to their customers, facilitate daily business practices and entice customers to visit their location.